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The Hawaii Files is a information resource and published in conjunction with its affiliated websites including the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide, the
Hawaii Files Photos on Flickr, and the Hawaii Files Channel on YouTube.
  • Hawaii Files Blog News, Information & Commentary

    The Hawaii Files Blog has been published in some form or another through the years since 2006. The blog is has been restarted after running into a problem last year. Some of the content from the blog is being restored while the older version of the blog is part of the archive. Going forward you can expect selected news, feature, photos and political posts from the unique perspective of author Melvin Ah Ching and occasional guest writers.
  • The Hawaii Radio &
    Television Guide

    The Hawaii Files Blog is the news and information outlet for the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide website. The guide has been a fixture on the internet since 1995 and is an information resource for listings and links to broadcast TV, radio stations and media throughout the State of Hawaii. Includes dial lists. News links on the local radio and TV scene are posted to The Hawaii Files Blog.
  • The Hawaii Files
    Photos on Flickr

    Part of The Hawaii Files experience is the massive photo blog the author, Melvin Ah Ching, maintains at the Flickr photo sharing website. Thousands of photos have been published there since 2004. Many of those photos are featured in The Hawaii Files blog.

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Melvin Ah Ching is a freelance photographer, consultant, blogger, desktop publisher, and computer enthusiast living and working in Hawaii. He is the publisher, editor and writer of the Hawaii Files and its related sites.

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